STIJLUS is a new collection created by a design collective of the same name based in Brooklyn, New York; driven by a shared goal of creating unique pieces that will appeal to a customer who approaches fashion as a collector rather than a shopper. As a response to an outdated fashion system of "seasons" new styles will be made available as they are deemed ready for market and not according to a pre set fashion calendar. STIJLUS is a body of work that will evolve and grow rather than change drastically.

In addition, all styles will remain accessible provided the materials are available and the STIJLUS team feels that the item is still relevant to the current environment. Good design that is well made should not have an expiration date.

All items are cut and constructed in New York City

Textiles are primarily milled in Europe-Double face cotton from Italy, Raw painters canvas from Belgium, Wool suiting from Italy

Maison Lesage has created exclusive embellishments for Stijlus in their Haute Couture work rooms using their archives as an inspiration.

Lemarie the Parisian feather masters of Haute Couture have also created exclusive embellishments that only their "petits mains" are able to execute.

For any press or wholesale inquiries please contact